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The PIANO School

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learn to play piano


I used to think piano was boring...

not anymore!

My child wants to learn to play piano, BUT...

  1. Hates practicing on his or her own.

  2. Thinks lessons are boring.

  3. Gets frustrated learning music at home.

  4. It takes too long to get through beginner piano books.

  5. It just feels like MORE homework.


Our unique and innovative
approach to piano instruction!

As soon as he got in the car he asked... 'Can I go back tomorrow?!' We love these piano lessons!

Results Matter

Students Will:

  1.  Take weekly HOUR LONG LESSONS - twice as long as traditional piano lessons!

  2. ​Move through beginner piano books FASTER!

  3. Learn all of their music DURING their weekly lesson - students leave feeling accomplished!

  4. ENJOY playing piano on their own - no more boring, frustrating, confusing at-home practice.

  5. CHOOSE what style of music they want to play - pop/rock, classical, broadway, jazz, you name it!

  6. HAVE FUN exploring music and unlocking creativity - while learning to play an instrument.

Meet Our Piano Faculty!

Grace Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Grace!

Piano Instructor

With over 15 years of piano lesson and performing experience, Grace loves exploring new pieces and styles…


As a teacher she encourages her students to do the same! 


Grace’s love of teaching stems from her beliefs that “when it comes to music - the MORE the MERRIER!” We couldn't agree more!


Hi, I'm Chloe!

Piano Instructor

A competitive pianist of 14 years, Chloe loves turning all of that practice room hustle into show-stopping performances on stage! 


Her enthusiasm for teaching and performance has brought her many awards and honors all of which contribute to what an incredible musician and educator she is today. Most significantly, Chloe relates to young musicians and loves sharing her musical passions with creative, young minds!

Sarah M MMS Picture_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Sarah!

Piano Instructor

A graduate from the University of Louisville in Piano Performance, Sarah has been playing piano for 17 years! In addition to her performance experience, she is a passionate teacher who strives to build confidence in her students by encouraging them while guiding them towards excellence.


Sarah is also a professional singer/songwriter who performs throughout Middle Tennessee!


Hi, I'm Jessica!

Head of Educational Development

With nearly 20 years teaching experience and a Masters degree in Education, Jessica has taught voice & piano in every setting you can imagine!


Complementing her extensive teaching expertise, Jessica specializes in personalizing her teaching style to meet the individual needs of each student!

Valentines (1).jpeg

We feel so lucky to have found this school!

Read more of our reviews HERE! 

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Our students learn piano FASTER!
Here are just a few who have leveled up in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions
(prospective students)


How much are piano lessons?

$165/month - which includes weekly lessons and access to all academy-exclusive

performances, events, field trips, and activities!


How long are piano lessons?

Piano lessons are an hour long (twice as long as traditional lessons!) and meet weekly.


What is “accelerated” about this approach to piano?

What makes this accelerated program different from traditional piano lessons?

Simply: Our students learn to play piano FASTER and move on to the music they want to play SOONER!

They spend more time in the studio with our instructors, move through the beginner

books quickly and learn ALL music in their weekly lessons!  Practice time at home

is easy and fun  - not boring or frustrating. 


Where are you located?

120 E Main Street, Suite 310, Murfreesboro, TN

(3rd Floor of the Bank of America Building on the Square)


What lesson days/times are available?

We currently have only a few spots left for new students!

All updated lesson availability is indicated on the registration form.

CLICK HERE to view openings and claim your spot before they are gone!



Do students perform in recitals?

YES! Creating fun, professional and one-of-a-kind performance experiences for students is

one of our studio’s defining characteristics! Each year we offer dozens of VIP
performance opportunities including: Christmas concerts with Santa,

formal recitals, music festivals, coffeeshop jam sessions, benefit concerts,

outreach shows for local retirement communities and more!


At what age can we begin lessons?

5 years old.


Do students need any piano/music experience to begin?

Nope! Start anytime, no matter your piano/music background or lack thereof!


Do you teach Adults?

YES! Adults make even faster progress in our already accelerated program which is

exciting and fun for students and instructors!


What kind of music do students play?

Classical, Disney, pop, musical theatre, jazz, rock tunes… Because our instructors are

not only excellent teachers but also professional musicians, they have first-hand

experience teaching AND performing a variety of musical genres!  Our goal is for

students to play what they LOVE and because our accelerated piano students

move through their beginner books FASTER, they start playing the music

they are interested in SOONER. 

msuic fest 2022 (133 of 202).jpg
FAQs Piano


KST Performance Academy

120 E Main Street, Suite 310 Murfreesboro, TN


(Please note: Our receptionist is available by phone only when we are in the studio during lessons.

Email is the best for fastest response!) 

Type of Lessons?
Availability for Lessons?

Thanks for submitting!

VOICE LESSONS: Available for students ages 7-12, 13-18, and adults.

Learn to sing while building confidence and preparing for exciting studio performances! Students choose the music THEY love and learn to sing with proper singing technique while working on Disney, pop, musical theatre, worship, and/or country music. Vocal techniques like posture, breathing, sound production, expression and performance practice are developed in order to build a foundation of excellent singing with excellent technique.


PIANO LESSONS: Available for students ages 5 - 6, 7-18, and adults. 

A one-of-a-kind accelerated approach to learning piano! Students learn to play piano faster than in traditional lessons and choose the style of music they want to play. Lessons meet for an hour weekly (twice as long as traditional lessons) and work towards fun and unique studio performances held throughout the year!


STUDIO PERFORMANCES: Available to all voice and piano students!

More than “just lessons” we specialize in VIP, one-of-a-kind performance experiences unlike anything else offered in Murfreesboro! In addition to vocal, piano and acting instruction, all students have access to DOZENS of exclusive studio performance opportunities throughout the year - theatrical showcases, outdoor music festivals, professional music video shoots, recitals, recording studio sessions, community outreach shows, etc.

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