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The THEATRE School

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Now Casting:
Musical Theatre Company Members

We are accepting 12 students (ages 7-25) to join our fall semester Musical Theatre performance program! Located in Murfreesboro, TN, our musical theatre students and company members will participate in musical theatre showcases throughout the year.

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need to know:

1. If you already have a LOVE OF MUSICAL THEATRE - this program is for you!

2. If you want to LEARN MORE ABOUT THEATRE and what it's like acting and performing in musicals - this program is for you! 

3. If you already perform in school/community theatre musicals but need to TAKE YOUR SKILLS TO THE NEXT LEVEL to start landing the parts you want - this program is for you!

What our PARENTS need to know:

Theatre performance classes in Murfreesboro, TN!

Here are some of the specific theatrical concepts our students will have fun exploring and learning about in their weekly 90-min rehearsals/classes:

  • Acting Through Song -  how to use your song as a tool to bring your character from point A to point B!

  • Characterization and Physicality -  showing physical and dramatic representation of the role you are playing

  • Monologues, Lyrical/Musical Analyzation - understanding the motivation and purpose behind the words and musical choices in a song; using that knowledge to connect on a deeper level with the music and, therefore, the audience. 

  • Music Rehearsal - learning your music in rehearsal time, including harmonies and part singing in small groups and ensemble numbers!

  • Choreography - getting comfortable with dancing while singing and acting.

  • Staging and Blocking - understanding stage direction and how to work with a director.

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Why Theatre?
The KST trifecta.
Actively performing professional singer/actress and studio owner Katherine loves to see young artists shine on stage!

The amount of impressive musical talent in our vibrant Murfreesboro community has inspired our premiere performance academy! The newly established 
School of Theatre will join our School of Piano and School of Voice and continue the tradition of VIP performing opportunities for all of Murfreesboro to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing our KST PERFORMANCE ACADEMY students SHINE on various theatrical stages this year and know our supportive city can't wait to cheer them on from the audience!

Frequently Asked Questions
(prospective students)

How much are Musical Theatre Classes?

$165/month - which includes weekly rehearsals/classes and access to all studio exclusive

performances, events, field trips, and activities!


How often do rehearsals/classes meet?

Rehearsals/classes meet weekly for 60-90 min.

Where are you located?

120 E Main Street, Suite 310, Murfreesboro, TN

(3rd Floor of the Bank of America Building on the Square)


What class days/times are available?

We currently have spots available for new students!

All updated lesson availability is indicated on the registration form.

CLICK HERE to view openings and claim your spot before they are gone!


Do students perform in shows, concerts, etc.?

YES! Creating fun, professional and one-of-a-kind performance experiences for students

is one of our studio’s defining characteristics! Each year we offer a variety of

performance opportunities exclusively for our theatre students including

themed theatrical showcases, musical review shows, etc.


At what age can we begin classes?

7 years old.


Do students need prior theatre experience to begin?

Nope! Start anytime, no matter your theatre/music background or lack thereof!


Do you take adults?

Yes! Adults have the opportunity to join an advanced company which does

require an audition for acceptance.


kst sneak peek (35 of 35).jpg
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FAQ Theatre


KST Performance Academy

120 E Main Street, Suite 310 Murfreesboro, TN


(Please note: Our receptionist is available by phone only when we are in the studio during lessons.

Email is the best for fastest response!) 

Type of Lessons?
Availability for Lessons?

Thanks for submitting!

VOICE LESSONS: Available for students ages 7-12, 13-18, and adults.

Learn to sing while building confidence and preparing for exciting studio performances! Students choose the music THEY love and learn to sing with proper singing technique while working on Disney, pop, musical theatre, worship, and/or country music. Vocal techniques like posture, breathing, sound production, expression and performance practice are developed in order to build a foundation of excellent singing with excellent technique.


PIANO LESSONS: Available for students ages 5 - 6, 7-18, and adults. 

A one-of-a-kind accelerated approach to learning piano! Students learn to play piano faster than in traditional lessons and choose the style of music they want to play. Lessons meet for an hour weekly (twice as long as traditional lessons) and work towards fun and unique studio performances held throughout the year!


STUDIO PERFORMANCES: Available to all voice and piano students!

More than “just lessons” we specialize in VIP, one-of-a-kind performance experiences unlike anything else offered in Murfreesboro! In addition to vocal, piano and acting instruction, all students have access to DOZENS of exclusive studio performance opportunities throughout the year - theatrical showcases, outdoor music festivals, professional music video shoots, recitals, recording studio sessions, community outreach shows, etc.

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