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Frequently Asked Questions
(current students)

FAQs for current students

I signed and agreed to all studio policies upon registration - where can I find them?

Piano Policy

GLEE Policy

Private Voice Policy

Musical Theatre Policy


Studio Address: 

120 E Main Street, Suite 310, Murfreesboro, TN 

(3rd Floor of the Bank of America Building on the Square)​​


Phone Number:


Private FB Group:

What should I do if I show up for my lesson and the door is locked?

Call the studio number (629-247-1766) and our receptionist will let you in! The doors lock at 5pm on weekdays and will be locked on weekends.

Should I stay or drop off my student for their lesson?

Most caregivers drop off their students at lesson time however we do have a small waiting room for any who prefer to wait inside the studio!

Does the studio close for holidays, school breaks, etc.?

The full schedule for the semester is always available on the student portal and upcoming lessons should always be checked. Number of lessons each month can vary from 3-5 (typically 4)/month due to holidays, school & studio breaks, etc. Lessons are not prorated.

What if I can’t attend a lesson? (Canceling Attendance)

You will need to cancel your attendance on the student portal. The student portal is the only (and fastest) way instructors are notified of a student's absence. Email cancelations are not accepted.


How do I cancel my lesson on the student portal?

  1. Log into your student portal account HERE;

  2. Click on the calendar tab;

  3. Click on the lesson you(r student) will be missing;

  4. Click "cancel attendance"

  5. Confirm cancelation by clicking "yes"

  6. Done! Your instructor will be notified you will not be attending your scheduled lesson.

How do I qualify for a makeup credit?

Piano and GLEE Students -  Students who cancel their lessons via the student portal, with at least 24 hrs notice, will automatically receive a makeup credit applied to their account.  Makeup credits can be used anytime August-May! 

Private Voice Students - One-on-one private lessons are considered a serious commitment and instructors are not able to make adjustments to their private lesson schedule once it is set. No makeup lessons are given to students who cannot attend their private lesson however students are encouraged to switch lesson times with other students.  Join our private FB Group and post whenever you need! Private students who have canceled lessons via the student portal with 24 hours notice are given 1 freebie makeup lesson at the end of May!

How do I redeem a makeup credit?

Piano and GLEE make up credits are attendance credits (not monetary) that can be redeemed to attend extra lessons. Make ups are never guaranteed, but there are always many chances to get them in if you are proactive about finding times! Makeup lesson opportunities can always be scheduled with our Academy manager at We also add makeup lesson labs at various times throughout each semester! Students will always be emailed info about these labs to allow registration.

What options do private voice students have if they cannot attend their weekly scheduled lesson?

  • Students should always cancel their lessons on the student portal to let your instructor know you will not be attending your scheduled lesson.

  • Students are encouraged to switch lesson times with other students and may post in our private studio FB Group to coordinate.

  • Students have the option to attend their private lessons online via zoom, at the same day/time of their regular lesson! To take advantage of this, call the studio (629-247-1766) and let our receptionist know your plans to attend online instead of in-person.

  • Private students who have canceled lessons via the student portal with 24 hours notice are given 1 freebie makeup lesson at the end of May!

What if I need to switch my lesson day/time mid-semester?

Students can switch lesson days/times mid-semester as availability allows. If a student knows they needs to switch lesson times we do require a minimum of 30-days in advance notice to guarantee a new lesson day/time is available.


What if I am late to my lesson?

To make the most out of your lessons, please plan to arrive on time. We understand traffic and delays occasionally happen so each student has a 10 min grace period to arrive to their lesson. Instructors will assume any student who is more than 10 min late will not be attending and therefore has forfeited their lesson. After the 10 min grace period, the instructors are free to leave and may not be in the studio but will see you at your next lesson!

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